Painting refers to the application of paint, pigment, color, or any other medium to a hard surface (called the matrix or support). The most common method of applying the medium to the base is with a brush. However, other tools such as knives and sponges can also be used, including airbrushes.

Painting is a term that describes both the act and result of an artistic work (the final product is known as a painting). Paintings can be supported by walls, paper and canvas, as well as wood, paper, canvas and paper, lacquer and pottery, leaf and copper, and may also include multiple materials such as plaster, clay, plaster, gold leaf and paper.

The visual arts include painting, which includes elements such as composition, gesture, drawing (as with gestural paintings), narration (as with narrative art) and abstraction (as with abstract art). Paintings can be representational and naturalistic (as is still life and landscape painting), abstract, narrative, symbolic (as with Symbolist art), emotive, or political in nature (as shown in Artivism).

C. Michael Norton

C. Michael Norton (born 1951) is an American performer based in New York City. Since the before 2000s, Norton has been best known for his large-scale abstractions upon raw linen. He is represented by UNIX Gallery in New York. Born in North Dakota in 1951, C. Michael Norton studied Fine Art at Humboldt State University...

Eric Joyner

Eric Joyner (born c. 1960) is a contemporary American artist whose body of appear in has focused on robots and donuts.

Christopher Wool

Christopher Wool (born 1955) is an American artist. Since the 1980s, Wool's art has incorporated issues surrounding post-conceptual ideas. He lives and works in New York City and Marfa, Texas, together subsequent to his wife and fellow painter Charline von Heyl.

David Brewster (painter)

David Brewster (born 1960) is an American painter nimble in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States.

Cal Schenkel

Calvin "Cal" Schenkel (born January 27, 1947, Willow Grove, Pennsylvania) is an American illustrator, graphic designer, animator and comics artist, specializing in album lid design. He was the main graphic arts accessory for stone musician Frank Zappa and was blamed for the design of many Zappa album covers. Schenkel's pretend is iconic and distinctive in...

Andrea Joyce Heimer

Andrea Joyce Heimer (born 1981) is a painter whose narrative-base statute draws inspiration from a re-examination of her own enthusiasm growing in the works as an adopted child in Great Falls, Montana.

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