George Peter Deisert

George Peter Deisert (1732 - c. 1810) was an American fraktur artist.

A original of Niederhochstadt in the Palatinate, Deisert arrived in Pennsylvania in 1764. He is next-door recorded in the vicinity of Littlestown, in the history of the Christ Reformed Church, at which he most likely served as schoolmaster. He married Wilhelmina Hund, and in imitation of her had several children, his son John succeeding him in his college role. In 1776 the couple were serving as baptismal sponsors in the Middletown Valley of Frederick County, Maryland. He died intestate close Littletown. Deisert produced mostly baptismal records, distinguished by the careful crosshatching of their backgrounds. No influence upon his perform has been detected, although he was contemporary to a work of printers operating in easy to realize to Hanover who published such certificates from the 1790s until the 1840s. It has been posited that the fraktur artist Johannes Bard was a pupil. Deisert then produced further years' greetings for neighbor girls, and wrote at least two sheets afterward German-language hymns. His bill is distinguished by its cautious lettering.

Four examples of Deisert's take steps are in the gathering of the Winterthur Museum.

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