Pieter Vanderlyn

Pieter Vanderlyn (c. 1687 – 1778) was an American colonial painter.

Pieter Vanderlyn was born in Holland, in about 1687, studied in Amsterdam, and served gone the Dutch navy off the coast of Africa probably as a surgeon. From here he went to Curaçao back moving upon to reach in New York in 1718. In this year he married Gerretje Van de Berg, who bore him a daughter the behind year, but both died suddenly afterwards. Four years later, he married Geertruy Vas, daughter of Petrus Vas, a Dutch clergyman in imitation of a congregation in Kingston, New York. He made his thriving as a portrait painter, land speculator and in further trades, travelling frequently amongst Kingston and Albany and residing at various era in each city.

His paintings were completed amongst 1730 and 1745 and were anything unsigned, though some bore an inscription. Analysis of these inscriptions, together with additional sources, enabled Mary Black in 1969 to identify Vanderlyn as the "Gansevoort Limner," an then again unidentified portrait painter of this era, though the attribution remains controversial. There are works by Vanderlyn in the collections of the National Gallery of Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Newark Museum of Art, the New-York Historical Society, the Terra Foundation for American Art and the Chrysler Museum of Art.

Vanderlyn was animated in Kingston during the American Revolutionary War until British forces burned the city upon October 13, 1777. This issue forced him to break out to his church and family's impromptu home in Marbletown, where he died the as soon as year. The painter John Vanderlyn and lawyer Henry Van Der Lyn were his grandsons.

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