Alexander C. Stuart

Alexander C. Stuart (1831–1898) was a British-born American painter, specializing in naval scenes. He grew in the works in Glasgow, served in the British Army, and immigrated to US roughly speaking 1861. Since after that lived and worked upon the East Coast of the United States. In the US he served in the Marines and the Navy (Union) until 1866; since next he worked as an performer and illustrator.

In the U.S., Stuart worked primarily on navy bases and shipyards near the Delaware River. He moreover worked quite a bit in Washington, Philadelphia, and New York. According to an account of his vibrancy written by Stuart, he had studied engineering and medicine since enlisting in the English Army in the Crimean War and the Indian Mutiny.

After resigning from the Navy, Stuart began practicing as an player and illustrator for the merchant shipbuilding companies. His first employer was John Roach & Son in Chester, for whom he worked from 1872 to 1880. He difficult worked for Harlan & Hollingsworth in Wilmington, Delaware. During this get older Stuart produced numerous illustrations of prematurely iron steamships built by these firms. These images became indispensable documentary sources for this epoch of shipbuilding in the U.S., giving Stuart's take steps added value.

In 1882, Stuart went to New York, seeking to earn a make known and buzzing as an artist in the city. This assume did not prove successful. A year later, he moved to Florida. There, he first contracted in St. Augustine and later moved to Eustis where he worked as a physician for approximately a year. In 1886, Stuart moved once more to the Wilmington Place and stayed there until 1895. From there he moved with his daughter to Camden, New Jersey. His financial condition in the conclusive years of his life proverb a decline, but he painted marine subjects until his death in 1898.

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