Andrew Kay Womrath

Andrew Kay Womrath (1869–1939) was an American performer who became skillfully known in France, although he was not widely endorsed in the United States.

Andrew Kay Womrath was born in Philadelphia in 1869.
He moved to London to study, and later went to Paris, working in both cities for several years.
He studied below Urushibara Mokuchu, who bought many of his works.
He often worked in advertising. Womrath's do something includes drawings, woodblocks and watercolors.
He contributed illustrations to the Summer and Winter volumes of The Evergreen: A Northern Seasonal published by Patrick Geddes and Colleagues in Edinburgh in 1896. His unaided known poster is an advertisement for a January 1897 exhibition of the Salon des Cent in Paris.
It depicts a woman (Gertrude A. Kay ?) leafing through prints hostile to a somewhat Bohemian-looking man who is admiring a vase.
In April 1896 a number of his drawings and stamp album plates were exhibited in the Champs de Mars Salon.
A reviewer in 1902 placed Andrew Kay Womrath in what he called the "Pictorial" group.
Some of his colored woodcuts are now held in the British Museum.

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