Elizabeth Nourse

Elizabeth Nourse (October 26, 1859 – October 8, 1938) was a realist-style genre, portrait, and landscape painter born in Mt. Healthy, Ohio, in the Cincinnati area. She next worked in decorative painting and sculpture. Described by her contemporaries as "the first girl painter of America" and "the dean of American girl painters in France and one of the most eminent contemporary artists of her sex," Nourse was the first American woman to be voted into the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts. She in addition to had the praise of having one of her paintings purchased by the French doling out and included in the Luxembourg Museum's permanent collection. Nourse's style was described by Los Angeles critic Henry J. Seldis as a "forerunner of social realist painting."
Some of Nourse's works are displayed at the Cincinnati Art Museum.

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