Frank Knox Morton Rehn

Frank Knox Morton Rehn (April 12, 1848 – July 7, 1914) was an American marine painter and president of the Salmagundi Club. Born in Philadelphia, he attended the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, where he studied below Christian Schussele. For several years, he after that painted portraits in Philadelphia. Using grant earned in Philadelphia, he moved to the coast of New Jersey, where he began take effect marine paintings. In 1881, he married Margaret Selby. They moved to the Hotel Chelsea in New York City where, with additional artists, he kept a studio on the summit floor.

In 1882, he was awarded the first prize for marine painting at the St. Louis Exposition. In 1885, he normal the first prize at the water color exhibition of the American Art Association, and in 1886 he won a gold medal at the Prize Fund Exhibition.

Rehn died on July 7, 1914 in Magnolia, Massachusetts, where he had built a summer house in 1896.

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