Frederick August Wenderoth

Frederick August Wenderoth or F. A. Wenderoth (1819 – 1884) was a German-born American painter and photographer. Born and educated in Cassel, where he first educational to paint from his father, he conventional a lifelong friendship taking into consideration Charles Christian Nahl at school. During the 1840s grow old of political argument in Hesse, he moved to Paris, where he was allied by Nahl and his half-brother Arthur Nahl.

They moved to the US in 1848, living first in New York. They traveled by sea to California to join the Gold Rush. Unsuccessful as miners, Wenderoth and Nahl opened art studios, first in Sacramento and highly developed in San Francisco, collaborating as painters, engravers and photographers.

After a vacation to the South Seas and Australia, Wenderoth married and moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on the East Coast, where he usual a photography studio. In the late 1850s he worked for a grow old in South Carolina, going into partnership later than Jesse Bolles. There, and difficult when he returned to Philadelphia, he created a number of protester photographic techniques, such as the ivory-type and photozincography. Wenderoth died in 1884 of tuberculosis.

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