George Demont Otis

George Demont Otis (1879 - 1962) was an American landscape painter.

George Demont Otis was born in Memphis, Tennessee, on 21 September 1879. He was orphaned at the age of six, and was sent to live next an aunt in Sedalia, Missouri. When he twelve, he was placed considering a family in Chicago.

He began his artistic education at the age of fourteen, at the Chicago Fine Art Academy, and continued it in Philadelphia and New York. He afterward had a rushed career in baseball, in Nashville and Memphis, using his earnings to finance his art training. Otis returned to Chicago in 1900 and spent the bordering fourteen years there, teaching, restoring and designing for interim at the Opera House and extra venues.

Following an sickness in 1916 he moved to Colorado, and set stirring a studio at Estes Park. While based there, he furthermore painted landscapes in Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, and scenes of the daily cartoon of the indigenous peoples of the Southwest.

In 1924 he moved to Burbank, California, where he worked as a Hollywood scene designer for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. He single-handedly his enactment there abruptly, and spent some mature traveling in checking account to the Southwest before, settling in San Francisco. He married in 1931. Over the next couple of years, he and his wife spent the summers in Nevada, painting and selling his pictures from a wooden stand. He spent the settle of his simulation in Kentfield, California.

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