George Heinrich Engellhard

George Heinrich Engellhard was an American fraktur artist. His broadcast is sometimes unquestionable as George Hennerich Engelhard.

Engellhard is recorded as a supporter of the Lutheran congregation at New Holland, Pennsylvania, in 1805. Several of his existing works were painted for families in the vicinity of Schwaben Creek in Northumberland County; one of these, for Johannes Braun, is antiquated 1818. In that similar year the player married in the Tulpehocken region of Pennsylvania, whereupon he relocated to Bethel in Berks County, where he took occurring a publicize as schoolmaster for the Salem Church. He and his wife would become the parents of six. For many years Engellhard was known as the "Haus-Segen Artist", but in 1973 a signed example of his accomplish was discovered. He painted home blessings, bookplates, baptismal certificates, and presentation drawings. More unusual works attach a depiction of a mouthless girl and a characterize of a guy singing; the latter is captioned, in both Italian and German, "I sing in a beautiful artifice to the Lord."

Engellhard's drawing of a singing boy is owned by the Winterthur Museum. Other be active is owned by Franklin and Marshall College.

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