Gibeon Bradbury

Gibeon Elden Bradbury (1833–1904) was a painter from Buxton, Maine. Bradbury was born in a particular section of Buxton entitled Salmon Falls, an Place on a large hill near the Saco River. The son of Nathaniel Scamman Bradbury and Lucy Sawyer Bradbury, Gibeon spent most of his spirit in Salmon Falls.

Bradbury began a well-to-do business in Portland, where he ornamented many types of vehicles. As his issue became more successful, he began what he is now most well-known for: painting.

There is also a rumor that Bradbury was known by Herman Melville, as in Melville's book Moby-Dick Melville makes a hint to "the painter of the saco" meaning the one who painted the Saco River, which is what Gibeon painted most often.

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