Gideon Jacques Denny

Gideon Jacques Denny (1830–1886) was a marine player who was born in Wilmington, Delaware upon July 15, 1830. As a pubertal man, he worked upon ships in the Chesapeake Bay. He traveled to California in 1849 behind the Gold Rush. He worked as a teamster upon the San Francisco docks and was a zealot of the San Francisco Committee of Vigilance. After two years in California, he moved to Milwaukee, where he studied painting following Samuel Marsden Brookes. After six years of psychotherapy in Milwaukee, Denny returned to San Francisco and usual a studio upon Bush Street. In 1862, Brookes moved to San Francisco and shared a studio later than Denny. In 1868, Denny spent two months in Hawaii visiting several islands. He is then known to have visited Canada and South America. Denny died of malaria in Cambria, California upon Oct. 7, 1886.

The Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, the Bishop Museum (Honolulu), the Crocker Art Museum (Sacramento, California), the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, Monterey Peninsula Museum of Art, and the Oakland Museum of California are accompanied by the public collections holding works by Gideon Jacques Denny.

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