Howard Chandler Christy

Howard Chandler Christy (January 10, 1872 – March 3, 1952) was an American player and illustrator. Famous for the "Christy Girl" – a lustrous and illustrious successor to the "Gibson Girl" – Christy is in addition to widely known for his iconic WWI military recruitment and Liberty improve posters, along past his 1940 masterpiece titled, Scene at the Signing of the Constitution of the United States, which is installed along the east stairwell of the United States Capitol.

From the 1920s until the in advance 1950s, Christy was lithe as a portrait painter whose sitters included presidents, senators, industrialists, movies stars, and socialites. He painted Lt. Col. Theodore Roosevelt, and Presidents Warren G. Harding, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and Harry Truman. Other famous people he painted combine William Randolph Hearst, the Prince of Wales (Edward VIII), Eddie Rickenbacker, Benito Mussolini, Prince Umberto, and Amelia Earhart. By 1938, Time magazine proclaimed Christy "the most commercially flourishing U.S. artist."

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