Ida Holterhoff Holloway

Ida Holterhoff Holloway (August 22, 1865 or August 8, 1866 – February 3, 1950) was an American painter, designer and bookish known primarily for her watercolors and landscapes.

Ida Holterhoff was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, a daughter of Godfrey Holterhoff, a Prussian-born merchant, and his wife Helena. She attended the Cincinnati Art Academy where she studied like Frank Duveneck. In 1894 she married Captain George Clarence Holloway (deceased 1910). She taught art in San Francisco and Cincinnati initiation in the 1890s. She was a supporter of Cincinnati Association of Professional Artists; Cincinnati MacDowell Club; The Crafters Co.; Three Arts Club; Ohio WCS; and Porcelain League of Cincinnati. She was a founding member of Cincinnati Women's Art Club.

Her niece, Leila Holterhoff (1885-1968), was a concert singer and linguist.

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