Ida Isabella Poteat

Ida Isabella Poteat (December 15, 1858 – February 1, 1940) was an American performer and instructor.

Poteat was born at Forest Home in Caswell County, North Carolina, near the community of Yanceyville. She was the daughter of James and Julia A. McNeill Poteat; her siblings included William Louis Poteat, and through her niece Helen she was for a epoch the aunt-in-law of Laurence Stallings. She was plus the great-aunt of philosopher William H. Poteat. Her upfront education came in local schools in the past she went to the Raleigh Female Seminary. She next traveled to New York City, studying at the New York School of Fine and Applied Arts and the Cooper Union and having lessons at the School of Applied Design in Philadelphia. She was a private pupil of William Merritt Chase, and in addition to studied once Robert Henri, Charles Parsons, and Louis Mounier during her career. She also spent several summers abroad, studying at various grow old in London, Florence, Venice, and Carcassonne.

Poteat first worked at the Oxford Seminary in Oxford, North Carolina, but she associated the power of the Baptist Female University, today Meredith College, in Raleigh upon its opening upon September 27, 1899. She remained there until her death over forty years later. She turned the art department into one of the most highly regarded in the southern United States, modeling its curriculum upon those of schools in New York, Philadelphia, and Paris. Among her pupils at Meredith was painter Francis Speight; others improve Mary Tillery, Ethel Parrot Hughes, Lucy Sanders Hood, Mrs. Herbert Peele, Heslope Purefoy, Dorothy Horne Decker, and Effie Raye Calhoun Bateman Goff. Poteat intended costumes for the faculty's quadrennial production of Alice in Wonderland; she also expected the university circles seal, adopted in 1909.

Poteat was a devout supporter of the Baptist Church. She never married. After her father's death her mommy came to live taking into account her; the two would frequently visit her brother William at Wake Forest University during his presidency. On her death she was buried in the family cemetery close Yanceyville.

A portrait of Poteat, done by her pupil Mary Tillery and presented to Meredith College by a help of alumnae in 1938, hung in the dormitory Poteat Hall until 1995, when it was destroyed by vandalism. She was plus memorialized like a magnolia tree upon campus and past the launch of the Poteat Scholarship. She is in the middle of the artists represented in the North Carolina Women Artists Archive at the library of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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