Jane Anthony Davis

Jane Anthony Davis (September 2, 1821 – April 1855) was an American artist. Until 1981 she was known unaided as J. A. Davis.

Davis was born Jane Anthony in Warwick, Rhode Island, the daughter of Giles and Sara Robinson Greene Anthony. For a rapid while in 1838 she attended the Warren Ladies Seminary in Warren, Rhode Island; it has been posited that she studied drawing and painting at that institution. She married Edward Nelson Davis of Norwich, Connecticut, on February 1, 1841, and lived when him in that town for a time. On January 10, 1842, she gave birth to a child. The associates moved to Providence, Rhode Island; there she gave birth to out of the ordinary child, her second, on April 26, 1847. In August 1854 she produced her last portrait, of Luella Hodges. She died of tuberculosis eight months later, and was buried in Swan Point Cemetery in Providence.

It was common for women artists of the time to sign their enactment using on your own their initials, and Davis was no alternative in this regard; consequently, it was for many years assumed that she was male. In 1981 collectors Sybil and Arthur Kern identified the performer by name, further confirming their identification once two well along reports. She produced miniature portraits, working in watercolor and pencil. Most of her subjects are depicted in three-quarter view, at bust length. Often they are clothed in black. Several characteristics law many of her depictions: a ragged share in the hair, bluish coloring of the eyelids, a wide and colored horizontal band below the bust, and negative publicize between the subject's arms and body. The performer sometimes incorporated flowers into her compositions. Many pieces were signed and dated; some also included the subject's name. Davis is known to have produced more than 200 portraits, mostly of residents of the areas in which she lived. Three of her undistinguished pieces were at one time recognized to James Ellsworth, and forward-thinking to Alexander Emmons; three others were recognized to Joseph H. Davis and Eben Davis.

An undated portrait by Davis, Lady Seated in a Boston Rocker, is owned by the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Another piece, a family portrait, appeared on Antiques Roadshow in 2003, where it was appraised at between $25,000 and $35,000.

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