Joseph Goodhue Chandler

Joseph Goodhue Chandler (October 8, 1813 – October 27, 1884) was an American portrait painter, active in New England.

Chandler was born in South Hadley, Massachusetts. He trained first as a cabinetmaker; later, at some grow old between the ages of 14 and 19, he traveled to Albany, New York, where he studied painting once William Collins. His earliest known portraits date from 1837 and are mainly of associates members. Following his father's death, he bought his brother's ration of the associates farm and supplemented his income by estate management. In 1840 Chandler married Lucretia Ann Waite (1820–1868), an standard painter from Hubbardston, Massachusetts. A descendant reported that Lucretia "finished up" her husband's paintings, and the two artists probably collaborated upon several portraits. Soon after his marriage, Chandler began his career as an itinerant painter, traveling principally in northwestern Massachusetts until he usual a studio in Boston in 1852. In 1860 the Chandlers returned to Hubbardston, where they spent the burning of their lives. Chandler died in 1884, and is buried in the Greenwood Cemetery.

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