Joseph Imhoff

Joseph Imhof (1871–1955) was an American painter.

Though he made his publish painting portraits of the Southwest's indigenous peoples, Joseph Imhof was born and raised in New York City. After teaching himself lithography, he was hired by Currier & Ives. He saved up acceptable money from his job to purchase a bookstore, which he vanguard sold to pursue an art education in Europe. He studied in Paris, Brussels, Antwerp and Munich.

A fortuitous meeting in imitation of Buffalo Bill Cody in Antwerp misused the focus of his artistic career. He returned to New York and speedily began to collection the portraits of Iroquois people in New York and Canada. He built a studio in Albuquerque in 1906 and spent the adjacent few years traveling more or less the region. In 1929, Imhof and his wife, Sarah, relocated continuously to Taos, New Mexico. There, he made models breathing in his home for some mature before he could paint them. He felt that he needed to know them at a deeper level.

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