Lola Sleeth Miller

Lola McDonald Sleeth Miller (October 24, 1860 – April 24, 1951) was an American painter and sculptor.

There is much confusion surrounding Miller's yet to be life. According to the information upon her Daughters of the American Revolution application form, she was born Lola McDonald in Memphis, Missouri, to farmer Sterling Lynn McDonald and his wife Electa Summerlin; a birthplace of either Edina, Missouri or Croton, Iowa has moreover been posited, as has a birthyear of 1864 or 1866. She married Francis Sleeth, and from 1892 to 1899 was resident in San Francisco, where she studied next Douglas Tilden at the Mark Hopkins Art Institute. In Paris she studied once James Abbott McNeill Whistler and at the Académie Julian, and in New York City similar to Frederick MacMonnies and Emil Carlsen. She began functioning as an art school at the National Cathedral School in Washington, D.C. in 1901, remaining there for over thirty years. During her grow old in Washington she belonged to a number of local arts organizations; she exhibited later than the Society of Washington Artists for the first era in 1910, and was a charter aficionada of the Arts Club of Washington and a devotee of the Washington Water Color Club. Sometime in the 1920s she first visited Laguna Beach, California, and after marrying inventor T. Spencer Miller in 1931 moved there permanently, living there until her death. At the mature of her second marriage she was described as a "widow"; her second husband's reveal is sometimes solution as Thomas. A scholarship was endowed in her award after her death.

Miller was lively in a variety of formats during her career, producing landscapes, portraits, and yet lifes in oil and watercolor as with ease as carving portrait busts in marble. Her most notable put on an act is a bust of Martha Washington currently owned by the Daughters of the American Revolution and frequently displayed at Constitution Hall; it was used as the basis for a fellow feeling of Washington on a 1938 postage stamp. Another doing was formerly in the deposit of the Corcoran Gallery of Art. She is next represented in the heap of the Cathedral Foundation in Washington. Due to her residency in the let in later in life she is sometimes classed with further California artists.

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