Lucien Labaudt

Lucien Adolphe Labaudt (May 14, 1880 - December 12, 1943) was a French-born American painter based in San Francisco, California.

Labaudt was born in Paris on May 14, 1880. In 1906, he emigrated to the United States and first decided in Nashville, Tennessee. In 1910, he moved to San Francisco in a studio. In 1919, Labaudt started teaching at the California School of Fine Arts. He painted two murals in the lobby of the courthouse on Spring Street in Los Angeles: Life upon the Old Spanish and American Ranchos in 1938 and Aerodynamism in 1941. On December 12, 1943, he died in a plane smash in India while lively for Life magazine. His widow opened the Lucien Labaudt Art Gallery in San Francisco posthumously. His perform can be seen at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

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