Paul Emmert

Paul Emmert (1826–1867), who is as well as known as Paul Emert, was an artiste born near Berne, Switzerland in 1826. He immigrated to New York City at age 19, where he snappishly became an received artist. He associated the gold rush to California in 1849. The taking into account year he exhibited a panorama of the gold mining happenings in Brooklyn, before making his second vacation to California late in 1850. While in California, he operated the Bear Hotel in Sacramento and a theater in San Francisco. He exhibited his panorama in San Francisco and further communities.

In 1853, he moved to Hawaii, and opened a print shop in Honolulu, where he made prints after his own drawings of local landmarks. He moved to Kailua-Kona and farmed a sugarcane plantation where he resided until his death in 1867.

The Amon Carter Museum (Fort Worth, Texas), the Hawaii Historical Society and the Honolulu Museum of Art are in the course of the public collections holding works by Paul Emmert.

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