Rebecca Couch

Rebecca Couch (June 19, 1788 – September 4, 1863) was an American painter.

Couch was born in Redding, Connecticut, the eldest daughter of Thomas Nash Couch and Abigail Stebbins Couch. She could have expected training in watercolor technique, the medium for which she is most competently known, in school.

She married James C. Denison upon October 17, 1794, and the couple moved to Lansingburgh, New York, where they lived until the 1820s. They had seven children. At an unexceptional date, the relations relocated to Couch's hometown.

Two of Couch's paintings, executed in watercolor and ink, are in the increase of the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum, Williamsburg, Virginia. One of these works had been acquired from the gathering of J. Stuart Halladay and Herrel George Thomas. According to the museum's catalog, a needlework picture on silk that she completed at age fifteen is the isolated other play a part by her that had been documented by 1988.

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