Robert Henri

Robert Henri (; June 24, 1865 – July 12, 1929) was an American painter and teacher.

As a teenager man, he studied in Paris, where he identified strongly in imitation of the Impressionists, and Definite to lead an even more dramatic revolt neighboring American academic art, as reflected by the conservative National Academy of Design. Together like a little team of involved followers, he pioneered the Ashcan School of American realism, depicting urban enthusiasm in an insistently brutalist style. By the mature of the Armory Show, America's first large-scale inauguration to European Modernism (1913), Henri was mindful that his own representational technique was swine made to see dated by extra movements such as Cubism, though he was yet ready to champion forward looking painters such as Henri Matisse and Max Weber.

Henri was named as one of the top three thriving American artists by the Arts Council of New York.

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