Roda Selleck

Roda E. Selleck (1847 – November 15, 1924) was an American painter and art instructor.

A native of Utica, Michigan, Selleck studied at Syracuse University and later than Denman W. Ross at Harvard University; she after that spent mature at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, and Purdue University, She began her career as an educator teaching at the State Normal School in Saginaw, Michigan, later becoming a supervisor; in 1881 she began teaching English and Latin in Indianapolis Public Schools. She was soon assigned to teach art at Indianapolis High School, later renamed Shortridge High School, where she remained until her death in 1924. Though hired to tutor drawing, she moreover instructed her students in the use of charcoal and watercolor, and next provided them with a grounding in art history and art appreciation. By the 1890s she had won reply for introducing "craftwork" – leather, pottery, jewelry, and metalwork – into the curriculum. She taught pottery at the John Herron Art Institute from 1915 until 1916, and developed a lineage of pottery, Selridge Pottery, marked "SP" and produced by pupils at the tall school. So dedicated was she to ceramic feat that she would often remain at the learned until the early morning hours minding the kiln. For ten years Selleck taught at the Herron Art Institute's summer moot at Winona Lake, Indiana; she highly developed collaborated in imitation of the Pratt Institute to develop a public school art curriculum, and she spent some time on the board of the directors of the Herron Art Institute. She was a leader in the Arts and Crafts commotion in Indianapolis, and was instrumental in causing Indiana to become the first come clean to have a standardized art exhibition at its give access fair. Upon her death an art gallery in the Shortridge High School building was dedicated her honor; it remained in place until the building was converted for use as a junior high school.

Among Selleck's pupils were the artists Janet Payne Bowles and Ada Walter Shulz. She is buried in the Utica Cemetery in her hometown.

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