Sarah Bushnell Perkins

Sarah Bushnell Perkins, later Grosvenor (1771–1831) was an amateur American pastellist.

Born in Plainfield, Connecticut, Perkins was the daughter of Dr. Elisha Perkins, one of the proprietors of the Plainfield Academy, which bookish she may have attended. The pastels which are known by her hand date from the 1790s and mainly depict members of her family; these are today disseminated in the course of numerous organizations, including the historical societies of Connecticut and Rhode Island and Historic Deerfield. Stylistically they are primitive, using a little amount of color by yourself for depicting flesh tones. Perkins married General Lemuel Grosvenor in 1801, and appears to have answer up art at this time; some have attempted to identify her subsequently the Beardsley Limner, active amid 1785 and 1805, but on stylistic grounds this appears unlikely. Others have noted her mother's death in 1795 and her father's in 1799, indicating that she may have resolved up her put-on to see after her siblings. She is buried in the Pomfret Street Cemetery in Pomfret, Connecticut.

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