Thomas Addison Richards

Thomas Addison Richards (December 3, 1820 – June 28, 1900), was an American landscape artist.

Richards was born in London, UK, and migrated bearing in mind his relatives to the United States in 1831. The intimates first established in New York, then South Carolina. By 1837 they were in Georgia, where Richards began his career preparing sketches of Georgia scenery. His first book, Georgia Illustrated, appeared in 1841. He was associated with the short-lived periodical The Orion. His subsequent works including American Scenery in 1854, The Romance of American Landscape and Guide to Central Park and a number of new works of landscape and travel. Richards sometimes collaborated taking into account his brother William Carey Richards, also an artiste and sometimes lecturer who linked Good art and science.

He died at his nephew's home in Annapolis, Maryland upon June 28, 1900.

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