Alan Ebnother

Alan Ebnother (born December 26, 1952, Alameda, California, United States) is a contemporary American artist. His practice as an artist is usually associated with monochrome, concrete, modernist, post, color-based, radical, minimalist, and abstract painting.

Ebnother has been blooming and enthusiastic in Stanley, New Mexico since 2000. He mixes and grinds his own pigments. His oils, in hand-ground teetotal pigment on stretched linen and wood panels, are characterized by rich impasto, dense pigmentation, and dense markings.[according to whom?]

Ebnother trained as a ballet dancer. He has said that he considers painting and dance to be similar art forms: "Painting is a certainly sensual and tactile experience, as is dance. Both rely upon instinctual decisions, with the indispensable eye entering and judging after the act.” His concurrence of elevation, extension, and version comes through in his dispersed composition and the agility of his paint handling.[according to whom?] The high pigment-to-oil ratio and furrowed surfaces of these paintings count to Make an unusually saturated color gone a grounded, concrete physicality.[according to whom?] For a decade, he worked in monochromatic whites and greens, but his palette has diversified past 2008.

Solo exhibitions (retrospective): Paintings, Room for Painting Room for Paper. San Francisco, California (2009), Reduxion, Maria Elena Gonzalez- Alan Ebnother, Galerie Gisele Linder, Basel Switzerland (2009),Paintings on Paper, Imprints, Le Vieux Village, France (2008), Painting, Wade Wilson Art, Houston, Texas (2007), Small Paintings, Galerie Klaus Braun, Stuttgart, Germany (2008), Painting on Paper, Galerie Klaus Braun, Stuttgart, Germany (2003), Paintings, Charlotte Jackson Fine Art, Newport Beach, California (1999)
New Paintings, Galerie Klaus Braun, Stuttgart, Germany (1998), Painting, Galerie Alf-Krister Job, Mainz, Germany (1998), Alan Ebnother, Charlotte Jackson Fine Art, Santa Fe, New Mexico (1997), Alan Ebnother, Galerie Orms, Innsbruck, Austrian (1997), Alan Ebnother-Kulturraum Kirche, Evangelische Kirche, Taunusstein-Bleidenstadt, Germany (1996).

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