Albert Hoffman (artist)

Albert Hoffman (1915–1993) was an American painter and wood carver. Never progressing greater than a sixth-grade education, Hoffman earned his living practicing a junkyard in Galloway Township, New Jersey, near Atlantic City. A self-taught artist, he found inspiration in narratives from the Torah and Nevi'im; over his lifetime he produced exceeding 250 carvings whose subjects were drawn from the Bible or from his Jewish background. His works are afterward a mirror of his personal interests: whaling, horse racing, and Native Americans whatever found places in his paintings.

He produced three swing types of carvings, bas reliefs, columnar reliefs, and compositional groups. His art is considered outsider art.

Though he sold some of his works and with did some carving for local synagogues, he created most of his art for himself. Nonetheless, he exhibited his put on an act locally, where it won top prizes. His do its stuff has been shown across the eastern United States and a number of American museums maintain public collections, including the American Folk Art Museum, the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum, and the Noyes Museum of Art.

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