Alfred Morang

Alfred Gwynne Morang (1901–1958) was an American painter, author, art critic and active devotee of the Santa Fe art colony.

Alfred Morang was born in Ellsworth, Maine in 1901. His at the forefront education was in violin playing, writing and painting. He met Dorothy Alden Clark in Boston and they married in 1930. Morang endorsed his friend, author Erskine Caldwell, with encouraging him to post his writing.

The Morangs moved to New Mexico in 1937 upon a doctor's counsel that Alfred needed a higher, drier climate. In Santa Fe he became an influential figure through his writing and teaching on art. Notable publications insert the 1940 booklet Transcendental Painting about the Transcendental Painting Group, a weekly newspaper column upon art, and the 1947 book Adventure in Drawing. Morang furthermore had a popular radio program in Santa Fe called "The World of Art."

In 1950 Alfred and Dorothy Morang divorced. A flare in his home/studio in January 1958 the end his vivaciousness and his remains were cremated.

His home in Santa Fe, at 1 Placita Rafaela, is listed upon the National Register of Historic Places as a contributing building in the Camino del Monte Sol Historic District. Some of his artworks are every time located in the El Farol restaurant on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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