Alice Mason

Alice Trumbull Mason (1904–1971) was an American abstract painter. She was descended from Famous history painter John Trumbull through her father. She travelled throughout Europe in the proclaim of she was young. Beginning in 1921, she studied art in Rome, attending the British Academy in 1923. She granted in New York by 1927 and was influenced by forward abstract performer Arshile Gorky. She as a consequence studied with Charles Webster Hawthorne at the National Academy of Design in New York where she befriended artists Esphyr Slobodkina and Ilya Bolotowsky. While her earlier works were biomorphic or unlimited abstraction, her knowledge of Byzantine architecture far along infused her compositions later an architectural dimension. She continued her studies at the Grand Central Art Galleries until 1931. She highly developed wrote that she became devoted to deduction in 1929, "[A]fter happily painting these possible things, I said to myself, 'What reach I in object of fact know?' I knew the have emotional impact of my canvas and the use of my colors and I was very joyful not to be governed by representing things anymore."

Mason married Warwood Mason, a sea captain, in 1928 or 1930. They had two children. Her daughter Emily Mason (1932–2019) also became an abstract painter. Alice Trumbull Mason took going on poetry and corresponded taking into consideration Gertrude Stein back resuming her painting in 1934. She helped found the American Abstract Artists in 1936. In the 1940s she began functional at the Atelier 17 where she created etchings and woodcuts.

She first exhibited her doing in New York in 1942. Her works received little recognition though she was alive. After the death of her son in 1958, she struggled considering depression and alcoholism. She painted her last take steps in 1969 and died in New York City in 1971. She was interred at Milford Cemetery in Milford, Connecticut. Two years future the Whitney Museum of American Art hosted a retrospective exhibition of her works.

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