Andre de Krayewski

Andre de Krayewski (Polish: Andrzej Krajewski) (June 20, 1933 – April 10, 2018) was an performer and Polish expatriate who resided Newark, New Jersey in the United States. With a career that spanned beyond half a century, he created paintings in his art-deco signature style and in pop art style.

Andre de Krayewski was best known in Poland for his movie posters, a career he began in 1965. He intended sometimes going on to a dozen movie posters all year going on until 1980. In 2005, de Krayewski made a comeback as soon as the Polish theater advertisement for Valentine's Day.

He wrote a novel in the late 2000s, Skyliner, titled after a Charlie Barnet hit, about bothersome to run away from the Iron Curtain in the to the lead 1950s.

In America, he was the approved artist for the 1997 Panasonic Jazz Festival and painted the New York Film Academy painting which could be seen upon countless Academy posters and ads circular the nation.

He died upon April 10, 2018, at the age of 84.

He married actress and pianist Jadwiga Tyszka in 1985, and the two emigrated to America.

He won many awards.

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