Andrew Guenther

Andrew Guenther (born 1976) is an American player based in Brooklyn, New York. Guenther established his BFA from Lawrence University in 1998 and his MFA from Rutgers University in 2000. His decree has been widely exhibited in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Guenther makes paintings, sculptures, and photographs, and his works often enlarge elements of painting and sculpture, as he has incorporated items such as underwear, T-shirts, sunglasses, and cigars into his paintings and more recently begun employing papier-mâché and gold and silver leaf in his mixed-media pieces. While Guenther's earlier work, which referenced death metal, zombies, satyrs, hippie kitsch and drew comparisons to painters such as Francisco Goya and Hieronymous Bosch, has been called “iconoclastic, demented, decadent,” his more recent paintings have focused upon a recurring “Plate Face” character, whales, dolphins, and more abstract concerns and have been described as evocative of Abstract Expressionism and outsider art.

In his photography, Guenther often works in black and white, in share because of what he identifies as its documentary aspect, which helps to clear his images from the clutter of fortuitous cultural references.

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