Anna Brelsford McCoy

Anna Brelsford McCoy (born 1940) is an American artist. While she is suitably of the Brandywine School of art, she has developed her own distinctive style.

McCoy's mommy was Ann Wyeth McCoy, the youngest daughter of the illustrator N. C. Wyeth who was alongside tied to the Brandywine School approach to art. Her father was John W. McCoy, a student of N. C. Wyeth and son of a vice president of the DuPont Company.[citation needed] When McCoy was yet a child, she granted she wanted to be a portrait artist. McCoy began studying art behind her aunt, Carolyn Wyeth, at the age of fourteen. She plus studied like Charles Vinson. Her uncle Andrew Wyeth and his son and her cousin, Jamie, loomed large in the School.

McCoy graduated from Bennett College in 1960 taking into consideration a bachelor of arts degree. Instead of attending the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, she got married. She married Frolic Weymouth and they stayed married for 18 years until their divorce in 1979. While she was married, she didn't paint definitely much and didn't Begin painting anew until 1980.

McCoy is the author of the book, John W. McCoy, American Painter. McCoy lives in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania and "paints what she likes." She as a consequence spends get older in Maine. She is known for her portrait work, as without difficulty as landscapes and yet lifes.

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