Anne Ryan

Anne Ryan (1889–1954) was an American Abstract Expressionist performer associated next the New York School. Her first door with the New York City radical came in 1941 past she associated the Atelier 17, a famous printmaking workshop that the British artist Stanley William Hayter had conventional in Paris in the 1930s and next brought to New York in imitation of France fell to the Nazis. The great turning reduction in Ryan's build up occurred after the war, in 1948. She was 57 years old behind she saw the collages of Kurt Schwitters at the Rose Fried Gallery, in New York City, in 1948. She right away dedicated herself to this newly discovered medium. Since Anne Ryan was a poet, according to Deborah Solomon, in Kurt Schwitters’s collages “she ascribed the visual equivalent of her sonnets – discrete images packed together in an completely compressed space.” When six years sophisticated Ryan died, her affect in this medium numbered exceeding 400 pieces.

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