Arthur C. Begay

Arthur C. Begay (December 15, 1932–2010) was a Navajo American painter born in Newcomb, New Mexico. Begay has exhibited his accomplishment across the country and is known for his colorful, flat style paintings. Some of his works are in the permanent collection of institutions including the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian.

Begay's law included depictions of unsigned life, often like scenic backgrounds including Monument Valley and Shiprock. After winning a fellowship, Begay worked for a year in the 1950s studying once illustrator Norman Rockwell at his workshop in Westport, Connecticut. Begay's produce an effect often shows this influence.

Begay attended Phoenix High School. He lived much of his spirit in Shiprock, New Mexico. In addition to exhibiting at galleries and fairs, his put-on was sold in local trading posts.

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