August Gay

August Gay (June 11, 1890 – 1948) was a French-born American painter and etcher. He was a fanatic of the Society of Six in Oakland, California, and an Impressionist landscape painter.

Gay was born on June 11, 1890 in Rabou, France. He emigrated to the United States gone his intimates as a teenager, settling in Alameda, California. He suffered from tuberculosis as a pubescent man, and he attended the California School of Fine Arts.

Gay co-founded the Society of Six gone Selden Connor Gile, Maurice Logan, Louis Siegriest, Bernard von Eichman, and William H. Clapp, in Oakland, California. He was an Impressionist, and he painted California landscapes en plein air. For art historian Nancy Boas, Gay had "an instinctive promise of picture making, an native sense of color, and a desire to pact with important pictorial issues." Gay superior moved to Monterey, where he shared a studio gone Clayton Sumner Price and he managed a furniture fix store.

Gay married Marcelle Chaix, who was in addition to French, in 1934. He died in 1948. His artwork can be seen at the Oakland Museum of California.

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