Balcomb Greene

Balcomb Greene (1904–1990) was an American player and teacher. He and his wife, artist Gertrude Glass Greene, were heavily energetic in embassy activism to publicize mainstream greeting of abstract art and were founding members of the American Abstract Artists organization. His ahead of time style was enormously non-objective. Juan Gris and Piet Mondrian as well as Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse influenced his further on style. From the 1940s his work "opened out to the fresh and impression of natural form." He painted landscapes and figure. "He discerned the dull pain of a man, and hewed to it integrally from arrival to end…. In his psychoanalysis of the figure he did not heighten anatomical put on but rather its intuitive, often conflicting spirit."

Balcomb Greene contributed to modernist cause through his writings: "It is actually the artist, and without help he, who is equipped for in the region of the individual directly. The abstract artist can admission man through the most gruff of aesthetic experiences, touching under consciousness and the veneer of attitudes, contacting the mass ego rather than the ego upon the defensive."

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