Benjamin Arkeketa

Benjamin Arkeketa (February 27, 1928 – March 20, 2002), also called Thinga-Ja-Bus-Ka ("Bushy Tail"), was an American painter from the Oto-Missouria Tribe. He was a supporter of the "Che" Buffalo Clan, and his paternal great-great-grandfather was Chief George Arkeketa. Influenced by Brummett Echohawk and Acee Blue Eagle, Arkeketa was known for his paintings partnered to his tribal archaeology and ethnology as competently as Christian philosophy.

Born in Red Rock, Oklahoma on February 27, 1928, Arkeketa was the son of George B. and Edna Jones Arkeketa, both of the Oto-Missouria tribe. He graduated from Chilocco Indian School in Newkirk, Oklahoma. In 1948 Arkeketa enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and fought in the Korean War for four years. He was welcomed house by his tribe in imitation of a customary victory feast and case dances.

Arkeketa was after that a musician and champion straight dancer at pow-wows. He served for a times as a tribal council member. Arkeketa worked for some become old at the Department of Human Services for the make a clean breast of Oklahoma.

In 1954 he married Mary Elizabeth Freeman, and the couple had five daughters. In 2003 his granddaughter Cody Harjo was named Miss Indian Nations at the United Tribes International Powwow.

Arkeketa died in Tulsa, Oklahoma on March 20, 2002. He is buried at the Otoe-Missouria Cemetery in Red Rock.

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