Carl Thorp

Carl Thorp (1912–1989) was an American artist who became known for Impressionist landscapes of California, sometimes referred to as California Scene Painting, as capably as New York City, Boston and New Orleans Cityscapes. He was born in Lubbock, Texas upon November 14, 1912.

According to a friend, Carl knew in his early teens he wanted art to be his lane in life. But his daddy was not totally amused by Carl’s interest and solitary bought him black and white oil paints. Perhaps this was his father’s try to discourage Carl. At the age of 16 Carl left house heading for San Diego, California. There he studied at the San Diego State College, and the Academy of Fine Arts (1932-1935) under Maurice Braun and Alfred R. Mitchell.

In the 1950s he organized art schools throughout California and was the Director at the Art center on Lombard street2 and oil painting school at Peninsula Arts & Crafts, School of Fine Arts in the mid-1950s.

In the late 1950s Thorp moved to Louisiana where he lived part-time for most of his career and eventually died. According to the Biloxi Daily Herald March 22, 1970, Carl had a studio at 809 Bourbon St. in New Orleans.

Carl frequently traveled in the works the coast to New York, and Massachusetts and many of his paintings contain subject event from these locals.

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