Charles Fazzino

Charles Fazzino is an American pop artist, known for his silkscreen serigraphs in a 3D pop art style. His artwork incorporates disturb from urban landscapes, sporting events, and innovative celebrities.
As described in the collection about Fazzino titled The Master of 3-D Pop Art, "An unprejudiced and imaginative storyteller, Charles Fazzino serves stirring a bevy of details in his unique three-dimensional creations. His collectors marvel as much at his exploit to capture every allocation of essence of his subject concern in one statement, as they pull off at his use of bustling colors, his whimsical sense of humor, and his hand-assembled multi-layered artistic style. Although, the snappy titled often gives a clue to the content of each painting, it can take years of careful observation to discern anything of the details in a single Fazzino image. One of Fazzino's greatest joys is to observe visitors at exhibition of his work. 'I adore to watch the smiles form as people start to admit elements of my paintings,' comments Fazzino. 'They lessening at the images as if inserting themselves into the stories. I watch that and I'm reminded of why i paint. It's whatever about celebrating the joy and fun we have as human beings upon this planet."

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