Charlotte Angus

Charlotte Angus (February 2, 1911 – May 12, 1989) was an American artist.

A original of Kansas City, Missouri, Angus moved to Philadelphia when juvenile and grew stirring in that city. She studied at the University of the Arts and the Graphic Sketch Club there previously taking a job with an advertising agency, which she wandering due to the Great Depression. She then, in 1936, became working with the Federal Art Project, beginning by painting sets for the Federal Theater Project and continuing by contributing to the Index of American Design. At the subside of the project in 1942 she studied drafting, taking a turn as a draftswoman at the Naval Air Medical Center in Philadelphia. She next created posters for the Works Progress Administration. Angus married John Stefanak in 1947 and settled bearing in mind him in southwestern Pennsylvania, where she continued to exhibit her art. She died in Pulaski, Pennsylvania, and is buried in Saint Ann's Cemetery in Hermitage.

A lithograph by Angus, Derelicts, is owned by the Spencer Museum of Art. Much of the measure she produced for the Index of American Design is currently held by the National Gallery of Art. She in addition to has decree held at The Newark Museum of Art

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