Christian von Schneidau

Christian von Schneidau (1893–1976) was a capably known California portrait painter who was recognized for his paintings of Hollywood stars and the Los Angeles elite. During the Roaring Twenties he painted Mary Pickford and new figures from the film industry as well as a number of outside figures finished in the perpetual American Impressionist manner. Von Schneideau was born in Ljungby, Kalmar County, Sweden 1893, with the declare Bror Christian Valdemar Von Schneidau, but went by the abbreviated Christian von Schneidau. In accessory to his portraiture, von Schneidau was next a landscape painter and a private assistant professor who passed upon the French principles of instruction, which he scholastic at the Art Institute of Chicago to his students. Von Schneidau was as a consequence the founder of the Scandinavian-American Art Society in 1938 and served as its president for many years. He was as a consequence an active member of the California Art Club.

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