Clara Elsene Peck

Clara Elsene Peck (April 18, 1883 ā€“ February 1968) was an American illustrator and painter known for her illustrations of women and kids in the upfront 20th century. Peck normal her arts education from the Minneapolis School of Fine Arts and was employed as a magazine illustrator from 1906 to 1940. Peck's body of be active encompasses a wide range, from popular women's magazines and children's books, works of fiction, commercial art for products later Ivory soap, and comic books and watercolor painting forward-looking in her career. Peck worked during the "Golden Age of American Illustration" (1880sā€“1930s) contemporaneous with noted female illustrators Jessie Willcox Smith, Elizabeth Shippen Green and Violet Oakley.

Peck's do its stuff appeared in exhibitions from the Art Institute of Chicago to the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and she customary awards from the New York Association of Women Painters and Sculptors in the 1920s. Peck resided in an art colony in Leonia, New Jersey taking into account her assistant and husband, artist John Scott Williams. In the 1940s, Peck contributed to Catholic comic books distributed to parochial schools. She focused upon watercolor painting in the 1950s and her action was exhibited in Europe and the United States. Her most notable illustrations and artwork were published in three books at the forefront in her career: Shakespeare's Sweetheart (1905), A Lady of King Arthur's Court (1907), and In the Border Country (1909).

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