Coulton Waugh

Frederick Coulton Waugh (; 10 March 1896 – 23 May 1973) was a cartoonist, painter, teacher and author, best known for his illustration work upon the comic strip Dickie Dare and his book The Comics (1947), the first major testing of the field.

His daddy was the marine artist Frederick Judd Waugh, and his grandfather was the Philadelphia portrait painter Samuel Waugh. Born in Cornwall, England, in 1896, in 1907 his intimates moved to the United States, and Waugh was enrolled at New York's Art Students League where he studied later than George Bridgman, Frank Dumond and John Carlson.

By 1916 Coulton was employed as a textile designer. Two years later, he married Elizabeth Jenkinson. In 1921 the couple moved to Provincetown, Massachusetts where they operated a model boat and hooked carpet shop for 11 years. His paintings were displayed at New York's Hudson Walker Gallery, and he after that was known for his pictorial maps and hand-colored lithographs.

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