David Kassan

David Jon Kassan (born February 25, 1977 in Little Rock, Arkansas) is an internationally ascribed contemporary American painter best known for his life-size representational paintings, which add up figurative subjects following abstract backgrounds or trompe-l'œil stylings. Of this dual representation strategy Kassan notes, “my effort to every time learn to document certainty with a naturalistic, representational painting technique allows for pieces to be inherent contradictions; paintings that are both real and abstract.” Kassan's acquit yourself is best classified as Social Documentary Painting, due to the importance and relevance of the subjects he chooses to represent.

In 2014, Kassan turned his attention to painting and documenting Survivors of the Holocaust, with the press forward of the EDUT project )-"edut" being Hebrew for "living witnesses" as a exaggeration of connecting like his grandfather's traumatic archives of escaping ethnic cleansing on the affix of Romania and Ukraine to ascend America in 1917. The EDUT project's mission is to meet later than as many bustling Survivors to the Shoah as feasible and to document them in filmed video portraits and in paintings and drawings.

While many survivors have already told their stories upon video (as in the Visual History Archive developed by the USC Shoah Foundation) or in memoirs, Kassan believes painting offers listeners a different kind of connection to the survivors, one that puts a personal slope to the sometimes abstract idea of the Holocaust.

In 2017, David Kassan partnered taking into consideration the USC Shoah Foundation and the USC Fisher Museum of Art to manufacture the EDUT project into a Resilience Exhibition which will admission at the Fisher Museum in the fall of 2019 in Los Angeles.

Kassan is a much sought after drawing and painting bookish because of his unshakable commitment to the age out of date discipline of functional from animatronics and creating compelling expressions of the human condition. He has unlimited painting/drawing seminars and lectures at various institutions, and universities more or less the world.
In 2013, he founded the Kassan Foundation in hopes of giving grants directly to underprivileged gift in both the visual and musical arts.

Kassan works can be seen in many public collections worldwide. Kassan currently lives in Albuquerque. NM.

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