De Hirsh Margules

De Hirsh Margules (1899–1965) was a Romanian-American "abstract realist" painter who crossed paths taking into consideration many major American artistic and intellectual figures of the first half of the 20th century. Elaine de Kooning said that he was "idely credited as one of the most proficient and erudite watercolorists in the country".The New York Times critic Howard Devree acknowledged in 1938 that "Margules uses color in a breath-taking manner. A Eager observer, he eliminates scrupulously without distortion of his material." Devree later called Margules "one of our most venturesome experimentalists in the medium""

Margules was next a well-known participant in the bohemian culture of New York City's Greenwich Village, where he was widely known as the "Baron" of Greenwich Village. The New York Times described him as "one of Greenwich Village's best-known personalities" and "one of the best known and most floating characters about Greenwich Village."

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