Dianna Molzan

Dianna Molzan (born 1972) is an American contemporary artiste and painter based in Los Angeles. Thus far in her career, she is known for exploring the membership between painting and sculpture through deconstruction and materialization of customary painting materials and tools.

Molzan is an adjunct Professor of Visual Art at the UCLA School of Arts and Architecture at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Molzan's paintings are often considered as more of a three-dimensional try than a two dimensional surfaces upon the wall. Referred to as carrying a sculptural quality, Molzan's paintings are beached within the practice of painting through the materials she uses, such as oil paints, canvas, linen, and canvas frame.

Molzan’s pieces consist of a process of deconstruction of the normal elements of painting, which are subsequently recombined into a further composition. She creates a juxtaposition between the mediums of sculpture and painting through the alteration of the physical make a clean breast of the canvas.

Molzan’s undertaking is joined with the techniques of impressionism, abstract expressionism, and minimalism.

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