Donray (born Donald Arvin Ray, July 29, 1945) is a contemporary American player in the style of Postmodern Expressionism in the tone of elements of Surrealism, Futurism and Fauvism. He is included in the Who's Who in American Art. He is known for metaphorical imagery exploring the practicing nature of energy and the human desire for spiritual enlightenment and fulfillment.

Donray's subjects include figures, objects and landscapes in motion, and his methods enlarge acrylic on various media including Masonite, paper, canvas, and drawings in charcoal, conte crayon, and color pastels. His works have been collected and shown by a number of notable people and entities.

Donray may be best known for an innovative technique he uses in his acrylic works, a technique he has pioneered. It involves an acrylic-on-acrylic collage. The collage material is the thesame as that monster used to paint with, and developed through a tedious process of mixing, pouring, manipulation and cutting. The upshot is a dramatic display of intermingling color, texture, depth, reflecting light, motion and energy.

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