Dwight Shepler

Dwight Shepler (August 11, 1905 – September 2, 1974) was an American naval officer and painter.

He was born in Everett, Massachusetts. He graduated from Williams College in 1928, as with ease as studying in Boston Museum School of Fine Art. In 1942 he received a commission from the US Navy's officer-artist program and was soon sent into the South Pacific.

In 1943 he went to Derry, Northern Ireland (October 1943) and England and took portion in the 1944 Normandy raid as an artist. With happenings captured straightforwardly in his mind and on film, Shepler went home to Massachusetts to create more details painting from his sketches and film footage. Over his entire career he observed the landings at Ormoc Bay and Lingayen Gulf and operations at Corregidor and Bataan. Again he took whatever the images back house to finalize the last of greater than 300 paintings in total. He finally retired from the service next the rank of commander and was awarded the Bronze Star.

After his career he continued to paint landscapes, sports and portraits in watercolor. He remained alert in his forward-looking days visceral an educator and the President of the Guild of Boston Artists. He died in Weston, Massachusetts.

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