Elaine Hamilton-O'Neal

Elaine Hamilton-O'Neal (October 13, 1920 – March 15, 2010), professionally known as Elaine Hamilton, was an internationally known American abstract painter and muralist born near Catonsville, Maryland. She was professionally admired by the influential French critic Michel Tapié de Céleyran and exhibited internationally in solo and multiple-artist exhibits in the United States, Mexico, South Asia, Japan, and throughout Europe. She showed twice in the Venice Biennale and won first prize at the 1968 Biennale de Menton in France. She is known for the appear in of her answer stylistic phase, known as be in painting.

Hamilton is in addition to a tall mountain climber with greater than 30 years experience climbing the Himalayas. She had climbed K2, which is share of the Karakoram Range and known as the Savage Mountain due to the profundity of ascent, with the second highest fatality rate along with those who attempt to climb it. For every four people who have reached the summit, one has died trying. Over the years, Hamilton made nine every other trips to alternative mountains of the Himalayas. She afterward visited the former kingdom of Sikkim as a guest of Tashi Namgyal, the ruling Chogyal (King) of Sikkim and the royal family.

For three decades, Hamilton traveled throughout India, Pakistan, the former kingdom of Sikkim (annexed by India in 1975) and Japan. In Pakistan in 1959, she was asked to develop work for an exhibition that was administered by the foreign minister of Pakistan. The ministries of Pakistan furthermore gave her access to make her first K2 expedition. This expedition resulted in the enjoyable realization of her individual artistic vision and the launch of her first certainly abstract work, Burst Beyond the Image.

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